Just need your boat winterized, wrapped or ready for the start of the season? What about a repair? No problem! If your boat is not docked or moored at Cove Marina, you can bring the boat to us to do the work or we can go to your boat. Please contact us ahead of time and don’t just show up with your boat. Space is very limited and we will turn you away if you arrive unannounced. We do not accept service boats on trailers from June 1st – September 15th.

    Boat winterization, shrink wrap and making your boat summer ready are services routinely performed by Cove Marina.

    Cove Marina performs boat maintenance, equipment repair, mechanical work and other marine work. All jobs have a rate of $125/hour plus parts and materials. Each request is billed for 1 hour minimum and in ½ hour increments after the first hour. Please note that a diagnosis, estimate and other inquiries include a fee for 1 hour even if the customer chooses not to have the work performed by Cove Marina.